Cathedral Cave

A tiny passage like cavern above Dan-yr-Ogof farm has been known for many years.

In 1963 members of the South Wales Caving Club blasted a means through the rocks at the end of the cavern.

To their amazement they climbed into a huge cave passage. This flow was decorated with hundreds of fragile cave formations.

A very easy access tunnel now takes you into the great venue of Cathedral Cave.

Here modern-day lighting as well as dramatic music bring the cavern to life.

Near the entryway there is a reasonable restoration of why people resided in caverns in previous times.

An incredible venue for your wedding celebration event, along with a stunning backdrop for your wedding event photos.

Dan yr Ogof


Attribution: Nigel Davies

Attribution: Nigel Davies

Dan yr Ogof, additionally understood as the National Showcaves Centre for Wales, is a 17-kilometre (11 mi) long cave device in south Wales, five miles north of Ystradgynlais as well as fifteen miles southern western of Brecon within the Brecon Beacons National Park. It is the major feature of a program cave complex, which is claimed to be the biggest in Europe and also is one of the major traveler destinations in Wales. The very first part of the cave system is open to the public, yet the substantial cave system past is planned as a nationwide attributes reserve and is open simply to bona-fide cavers.

The stream Llynfell emerging from a cavern at the base of the cliffs at Dan-yr-Ogof farm has actually constantly been known.In 1912 Tommy and also Jeff Morgan had the guts to discover the cavern. They used only candles to light their means and arrows in the sand to discover their method back.They discovered a paradise of stalagmites as well as stalactites, yet they were prevented from penetrating much into the mountain by a lake.Undeterred they returned, this time with coracles. A coracle is a conventional one guy angling watercraft found on the rivers of West Wales.They went across not one lake however four. They uncovered more amazing passages as well as chambers, yet again the method on was denied them. This time around it was a tight crawl.


Bone Cave

Bone Cave or Ogof-yr-Esgyrn is so called because 42 human skeletons have so far been discovered in its chamber.

It was this cave that first attracted cavers and archaeologists to the area.  

Many of the bones date back to the Bronze Age over 3000 years ago.

Animal bones have also been found. The oldest bones are of red deer over 7000 years old.  

It seems that bone cave has been a shelter or home for man during many different periods of time.  

Items such as bone pins, pottery, coins, iron, bronze and silver rings have been found in the cave, as well as relics dated to the time when Roman Legions were stationed in the area.  

The cave now contains a number of award-winning exhibits  illustrating man’s involvement with caves and the animals that were once found in caves.

Attribution: Hywel Williams

Attribution: Hywel Williams